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Sir Nigel Gresley has recently undergone overhaul at the National Railway Museum and LSL in Crewe and now could be your once in a life time chance to get involved in the operation of a Gresley A4.
Join our Sales Force here, or work on the Engine


Your Engine Needs You Darrin in the cab of 60007

This could be you - Darrin Crone, Locomotive Engineer,
in 60007's cab at the NRM.

To help maintain the engine, and for future overhauls, we are seeking volunteers with mechanical engineering skills. Do you have these skills and want to contribute to a meaningful goal and join a great team of like minded people? Whether you were trained in industry or developed your skills as a hobby, such as in model engineering, vehicle or railway restoration we would be pleased to receive an offer of help from you. We are particularly keen to add to our pool of mechanical fitters, pipe fitters, boilermakers and platers, welders and fabricators.

With the return of 60007 to mainline operations, there will be a regular requirement for the loco to be prepped prior to running, and disposal on return, which will need to be carried out by SNG personnel. It is by no means glamorous work, but is essential to maintain the high standards expected of a Mainline Loco. If any members would like to become involved in the upkeep of the loco, or just have a willing pair of hands they can offer on a regular basis, please contact Locomotive Engineer Darrin Crone

You are guaranteed to receive a warm welcome, we will do all we can to ensure you find your participation rewarding. You must be 18 or older to volunteer, and fit enough to be able to contribute to the team. I will reply to prospective volunteer emails as soon as I can depending upon workload, but normally within a couple of days. If you are not already a member you must join the SNG Trust if you wish to work with us beyond an introductory period


Unfortunately we cannot cover travelling or accommodation costs. Before applying ensure your volunteering is sustainable. Only by regular attendance can we make effective use of your skills. Regular attendance allows us to give you ongoing projects which will develop and integrate you with the existing team.

Some of our existing volunteers:

From front: Peter Brackstone, George Colclough, Mike Page and John Furness removing the superheater elements
Left to right: John Furness, Mike Page, Darrin Crone, Peter Brackstone, Andy Barwick after removing the insulation!
Dave Lee working at the firebox end
Mike Page die-nutting the boiler bands
Andy Barwick releasing the crinoline
Peter Brackstone with one of the brake hangers
Andy Barwick steers a flue tube away from Flying Scotsman
Bob Shearman drives forward the last of the flue tubes
Bob Shearman cleaning between the frames

To volunteer for engineering, or to ask for more information, please e-mail Darrin at:


On-board Sales Team

Don Gott, Jackie and Paul Bush "working" a train.

One of our few sources of income is through sales activities, and in particular our sales at railway galas and model railway shows. Additionally we do need volunteers in parts of the country that we haven't been able to visit before, so if there is an event near you please do give some serious thought to helping out for a day.

Furthermore we need people to help out with storing and transporting stock, not an onerous task in itself but one that needs to be shared amongst several volunteers.


To help with sales, or to ask for more information, please e-mail Don at:

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