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By 31st December 2015 Sir Nigel Gresley had accumulated the following miles:

1967-2001 23,356 89,214 - 114,750
OVERHAUL 2002-2006 - - 114,750
2006 340 Heritage 4,320 4,660 119,230
2007 Nil Heritage 7,441 7,441 126,671
2008 2,252 Heritage 5,700
Mainline 2,183
10,135 136,806
2009 1,978 Heritage 6,438
Mainline 2,490
10,906 147,712
2010 707 Heritage 504
Mainline 1,991
3,202 150,914
2011 497 Heritage 590
Mainline 368
1,455 152,369
2012 495 Heritage 3,612 4,107 156,476
2013 350 Heritage 5,562 5,912 162,388
2014 1,501 Heritage 4,416
Mainline 849
6,766 169,155
2015 253 Heritage 5,220
Mainline 518
5,991 175,146
Total mileage since pevious overhaul 60,576

Reports of the progress of the ongoing overhaul may be found here.

News item 30 January 2019:


In a unique agreement, the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust and the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust have signed a ten-year agreement to facilitate the operation of 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley on the mainline.

The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust (SNGLT) and the Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust (RSL&GT) have announced a wide-ranging partnership agreement for the operation of 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley when the present overhaul is completed in autumn 2019. The deal sees 60007 based at Crewe for mainline tours, interspersed with periods of operation on heritage railways, including the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, where it is intended to retain strong links. The locomotive will be operated primarily by Locomotive Services (TOC) Limited (LSTOC) and will haul Saphos Train Travel rail tours, although operations with other tour operators and TOCs are not excluded.

The agreement is seen as securing the mainline future of 60007 through the next ten year operating period and beyond by guaranteeing a level of income that is projected to fund at least 50% of the next overhaul. The remaining 50% will come from SNGLT's membership, fund-raising and sales activities, along with income from heritage railway visits. The deal also ensures that the popular SNGLT Members' Day events will continue.

The agreement is expected to lead to wider cooperation between the organisations, which SNGLT sees as means of maintaining its current engineering team at a new base that is already under investigation. This will allow the Trust, through its operating company, to grow its junior volunteer activities, apprenticeships and training opportunities. This is seen as a significant activity for securing an engineering team for the long term to support Sir Nigel Gresley.

Nigel Wilson, Chairman of The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust, which owns 60007, said:
"During the last ten-year boiler ticket, it becameclear that we needed a different arrangement for mainline operation for 60007. Our situation as a single locomotive owning organisation presented significant difficulties in achieving suitable rail tour programmes. The result was that some years we didn't do any rail tours at all, which was unacceptable for a locomotive like Sir Nigel Gresley. It is in our constitution that we must seek to maintain 60007 on the main line for as long as that is possible, so during the present overhaul we have been investigating ways to address the problems identified. In essence that meant a partnership with another organisation. I am pleased that productive discussions with RSL&GT have resulted in what I believe is a very good agreement for both organisations, allowing a balance of mainline operation and heritage running. I know many members will be pleased to see a strong commitment to a mainline future, and for those who may have some concerns about seeing No.7 on the NYMR, it is still our intention that the locomotive will continue to visit North Yorkshire on a regular basis. I am also pleased that we have built SNGLT Members' Days into the agreement; we will seek to arrange a varied programme of events for members over the next nine to ten years of operation. I see this as a key agreement for the future of our locomotive, underpinning the future finances and allowing us to develop engineering skills in a new generation. Sustainability is the key."

Deputy Chairman John Wilkinson added:
"From the very early stages of the discussions it was clear that SNGLT and RSL&GT shared a common ethos in terms of operating steam locomotives. Good operating practices such as not overloading the locomotive or demanding unrealistically long days for the operating crew as well as requiring the highest maintenance standards are all areas of common ground. SNGLT support crew look forward to working with RSL&GT and LSTOC."

Jeremy Hosking, Trustee of the Royal Scot Locomotiveand General Trust and Chairman of Locomotive Services (TOC) Limited, said:
"We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to work with the SNGLT, who clearly share our passion for the protection and careful use of Iconic Steam Locomotives. Sir Nigel Gresley is a Locomotive steeped in history, supported and managed by a dedicated, enthusiastic team, whose outlook and culture aligns perfectly with our own. We see this agreement as the start of an exciting and enduring partnership between our organisations, that will see 60007 return to regular main line use alongside visits to heritage railways. Once complete, Sir Nigel Gresley will be welcomed into our industry leading facilities at Crewe, where we will work with SNGLT engineering teams and support crews to ensure the locomotive is given the best possible care and attention, alongside our home fleet including Royal Scot, Britannia, Blue Peter and of course number sevens' sister locomotive, Bittern."


Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust

The Royal Scot Locomotive and General Trust is a charitable trust set up in 2009 to enable ownership and restoration to mainline running condition of the London Midland and Scottish Railway Royal Scot Class Locomotive No 6100 Royal Scot. The trust has since expanded and now includes a number of mainline steam locomotives such as Britannia, Blue Peter and King Edward I. In addition to the Locomotive fleet, 2013 saw the Trust acquire the London and North Western Railway Heritage Company Limited, a specialist overhaul andrepair organisation, dedicated to the refurbishment of heritage railway vehicles. Based at Crewe, in the former Diesel Depot, LNWRH has heavily invested in this site which is now regarded as the leading facility of its type in the United Kingdom.


News item 11 July 2017:
A Day at the Museum:
The "A Day at the Museum" event at the NRM brings in the crowds to one of our very own Malc Bateman talks about Nº7. Malc delivers a brief history of Nº7 and the Trust and goes on to explain the overhaul work, aided by Trust members Nigel Hoskison, Bob Matkin and Trevor Camp who were on hand to help with questions from the audience.

A Day at the Museum
Malcolm Bateman giving his talk to interested members of the public. Photo by Trevor Camp


News item 24 March 2017:
50th Anniversary Celebration:
Saturday 1st April, 10:30 to 11:00. Join our team in the National Railway Museum workshop viewing gallery to celebrate 50 years since Sir Nigel Gresley hauled its first railtour in our ownership. The chime whistle will be sounded at 10:50 exactly - the time 4498 steamed out of Crewe in 1967. Officers of the Trust will be onhand to tell the story and answer any questions. The backdrop to the event willbe the locomotive itself. Anybody who travelled on the train 50 years ago will have the opportunity to visit the workshop and blow the whistle.


News item 2 March 2017:
Gresley meets the Public:
Trevor Camp, 60007 Official Photographer, reports, "We all had a great time up on the gallery explaining what was happening in the workshop and what some of the bits and bobs we had upstairs were, well we tried to anyway. The undisputed star of the show was the very large spanner, particularly with the youngsters. When we do this again, and if you are a trust member and can spare some time, please put your hand up and volunteer, it is more rewarding taking an active part in Trust events and being part of the history making of our famous locomotive than simply being an armchair Trust member. All aboard!"

Meet the Public
Above: A number of interesting items were on a display table, with photo displays behind. Photo by Trevor Camp

Meet the PublicMeet the Public
Above and below: Some of the 6,000 members of the public who attended the event. Photos by Trevor Camp

Meet the PublicMeet the Public

In all some twenty four members (including Juniors) volunteered across the eight days. Over 6,000 people walked through the Gallery and of those we believe we engaged with a fifth. The NRM seem very pleased and is asking us to do it again on a more regular basis.


News item 10 February 2017:
Gresley meets the Public:
From 18th - 26th February volunteers from the locomotives owners the "Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust" will be answering questions and showing a variety of parts removed from the locomotive during the current overhaul. So come along to the Workshop Viewing Gallery (accessed from the Great Hall) between 11am and 3pm each day to learn about what it takes to keep an 80 year old steam locomotive fit for main line operation. There will be displays on the 'work in progress' and also showing the locomotive in action.


News item 26 October 2016:
The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust has reached agreement that the boiler overhaul will be carried out by the workshops of the Llangollen Railway. The boiler has been cleaned and assessed including a full NDT inspection and found to be in pretty good condition. So far work has been carried out by the SNGLT engineering team at York but the boiler will now move to the North Wales workshop where the refurbishment is expected to take about 1 year. The overhaul of 60007 continues to run on plan.


News item 18 January 2016:
On 20th September 2015 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley was withdrawn from traffic at the end of its 10 year boiler certificate. On 17th November the locomotive was moved by rail to the National Railway Museum York and shortly after that was moved into the NRM workshops where a 10 year general overhaul will be carried out. The overhaul is expected to take about three years and will be carried out by the SNGLT engineering team. During the overhaul you can observe the work on the locomotive from the workshop viewing gallery in the NRM.

In the NRM

Sir Nigel Gresley in the workshop at the National Railway Museum, York on 23 November 2015.
Photograph: David Stapleton.

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