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Welcome to the web site of the Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd, a registered charity, dedicated to the preservation and continued operation of iconic A4 'Pacific' Nº4498 / 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley since 1966.

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4498 emerges from Potters Bar Tunnel
Sir Nigel Gresley emerges from Potters Bar Tunnel in the late 1930s.
Photograph by J.D. Dewing

Nº4498 Sir Nigel Gresley was the 100th Gresley Pacific built by the Great Northern Railway / London and North Eastern Railway. The locomotive was built at Doncaster, works Nº1863, entering service in 1937 following a naming ceremony at Marylebonestation on 26th November. The locomotive was mainly based at London King's Cross with a spell at Grantham during World War II. The locomotive was briefly re-numbered as Nº7 before becoming Nº60007 when the LNER was merged into British Railways. On 3rd June 1956 Sir Nigel Gresley had the honour of hauling the Royal Train from King's Cross to York with H.M the Queen on board. The 'Stephenson Locomotive Society Special' on the 23rd May 1959 was the first train in the UK with a booked or advertised schedule of over 100 m.p.h. and on that trip 60007 set the official post-war speed record for steam traction of 112 mph. In 1963 the locomotive moved to Scotland and was used on express services between Aberdeen and Glasgow.

The 'A4 Preservation Society' was formed in 1964 and saved Sir Nigel Gresley for posterity in 1966. After an overhaul at Crewe the locomotive returned to steam in 1967 with the organisation becoming 'The A4 Locomotive Society Ltd'. In 1999 the organisation became the registered charity 'The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Preservation Trust Ltd' which was simplified to 'The Sir Nigel Gresley Locomotive Trust Ltd' in 2014.

In preservation the locomotive initially ran in LNER Garter blue as Nº4498. A number of railtours in 1967 were followed by a period at Philadelphia in County Durham during the time when privately owned steam locomotives were not permitted on the British mainline network. This prohibition was lifted in 1972 and in 1977 the locomotive's base moved to Carnforth. On 21st January 1985 Sir Nigel Gresley launched the 'Famous trains' stamps at Marylebone station and in so doing became the first steam locomotive to work from London since the return of mainline steam operations. Now carrying BR blue livery as Nº60007 the locomotive spent a time based at the East Lancashire Railway before moving to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway in 1995.

Nº60007 continues to be certified for mainline operation and over the years has been fitted with a range of modern safety and signalling equipment including the fitting of Air-Braking, On Train Monitoring and Recording equipment and Train Protection & Warning System. On 5th July 2008 the locomotive hauled a 510ton load up the 1 in 200 / 1 in 178 of Stoke Bank with a minimum speed at the summit of 69.75 m.p.h., and in so doing achieved an output power of around 2500 IHP, considered an equal of some of the finest performances of the A4 class locomotives throughout their lives.

60007 near Goathland, NYMR
Sir Nigel Gresley near Goathland on the North Yorks Moors Rly, May 2009
Photograph by Nigel Bentley

Sir Nigel Gresley has recently undergone a ten year general overhaul carried out by the SNGLT engineering team. The locomotive is now operational and can be seen on mainline railtours and heritage railways throughout the UK.

The Trust is dedicated to keeping the locomotive running, both on heritage railways and on the main line. You can read books, watch films or internet clips, enjoy the handsomely turned out locomotives gleaming quietly in museums, but it is only when a locomotive is in steam and in action that you can experience it in its full glory! Whether operating on heritage railways or in full cry on the main line, Sir Nigel Gresley brings delight to many thousands. This is what the Trust aims to keep alive.

Sir Nigel Gresley is the only A4 class locomotive which is owned by a charitable Trust and always welcomes new members - so you can become part-owner of an A4! We publish a magazine 'Chime' for members four times a year, with news of the loco and plenty of photographs and articles about the loco's past, and other matters of railway interest. While the locomotive is in traffic we run Members' Day events which feature exclusive footplate access, including unique visits through the corridor tender while the locomotive is hauling a train. In addition to our AGM there are other social events from time to time. Our website features a Members' area with latest news and benefits exclusive to members, for example we can sometimes offer discounted entry to events featuring Nº60007 or discounts on mainline railtours. Whether you wish to get involved a lot or a little, your support will be very welcome. Youngsters are welcome to join our 007Gang of Junior Volunteers which providesvolunteering opportunities for young members, aged 13 to 16, who are keen to learn more about the operation of Sir Nigel Gresley. For full details see our 007 Gang page.

Click here for membership details or just help us keep Sir Nigel Gresley in steam by making a donation or by visiting our fund-raising page.

Photographs and Video
We are always pleased to receive quality photographs and video of Sir Nigel Gresley at work, especially if during LNER or BR days, and especially especially if of the engine when running as Nº7. We also prefer not to have photographs of the engine running backwards nor, if possible, full of hi-viz clothing.
When submitting may we ask that you include the date and location in the name of the file please as it is all too easy for these to become separated after a period of time! Please also state very clearly if they are not your own photos, and in such a case, whether the photographer has given permission for the photo(s) to be used.
We do receive a number of photos that have no caption provided. Please note that if there is no caption then the photo won't be used.

SNGLT Ltd has a semi-offical Facebook group for supporters of 60007.

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