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eBay Charity   eBAY FOR CHARITY
If you have an unwanted item to sell, listing it on eBay for Charity can help to raise funds for the engine. Selling this way:

To view items presently available click here.

Why eBay for Charity? is the UK's largest online marketplace. It has 19 million UK customers per month and a 15% share of UK online shopping visits, making it one of the most visited retail sites. When items are listed there is an option for donating part or all of the sale amount to charity. Furthermore, you will receive a credit from your insertion and final valuation fees in line with the percentage of your donation. E.g. Donate 25% of the sale price and you will receive a credit of 25% of your insertion and final value fees. Donate 100% and receive a credit for the full amount! See this YouTube clip for full details.

How to list for the benefit of SNGLT:

The attached PDF file, or this video file, will show you how to list an item for charity. When you are in the "Raise money for your favourite charity through eBay" field please click on the "Or select another charity" link and search on "Gresley". You will find the link for adding SNGLT there. Select that and, in the main section, select the percentage of your sale you'd like to donate.

What to do if you do not see the "Raise money for your favourite charity through ebay" link.

It may well be that you do not see this link, but it is not a problem. When you are almost at the bottom of the page you will see the "Add other details" field. In this field please click on "Add or remove options", then on "Format and price" and finally check under "Donate percentage of sale".

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