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An additional fund raising scheme is for any member, life or annual, to choose a membership number from 60001 to 60033 to replace their existing membership number.

Numbers presently available are:
60002 60012 60013 60018 60028 60030 60031 60032

All of the above numbers are available to SNGLT members for a donation of £100 at the date of the last update to this page.

Any member wishing to change their membership number to that of one of the remaining A4s listed above should send a cheque for £100 (made payable to The SNGLT Ltd), together with their name, address, current membership number (if possible) and the A4 number that they have chosen as their new membership number to me, Helen Swales, Membership Secretary of The SNGLT Ltd, at the following address:

77 Heathmeads
Co Durham

Alternatively you may e-mail me at: with 'SNGLT' in the e-mail Subject box, for ease of identification.

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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