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Tube Appeal

Sir Nigel Gresley is now undergoing overhaul at the NRM and needs some new tubes! From this page you may sponsor one or more large tubes. These tubes are 18ft 3ins long by 5¼ins in diameter and cost £500 each.
£500 is quite a lot of money so we are offering people the opportunity to sponsor £50 portions of large tubes. Once ten portions have been received the next available tube will be designated as having been sponsored by those sponsors.
Simply click on the tube you'd like to sponsor and follow the instructions. Alternatively, use the drop-down menu to select how many portions of a large tube you wish to sponsor. If a tube has no number then it has already been sponsored and is no longer available.
Please note that the interactive drawing is maintained manually by our volunteers. It will be kept up-to-date as frequently as possible but it may be that someone wants to sponsor a tube that is showing as available but has already been sponsored. If this happens you will have a message in the PayPal checkout that you cannot proceed and will then be returned to the page where you may select a different tube. Thank you for your patience!
If you'd like your sponsorship to be anonymous or you're sponsoring the tube as a gift for someone, please write to. with your instruction.

Before you continue, if you are a UK tax payer are you able to Gift Aid your sponsorship?

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If not, or you have already completed a Gift Aid declaration,

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Page updated on 23 December 2015   

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